Cost effectively lengthen the life of your frying oil.

The easiest frying oil purification solution.

Saves on oil
and filtering costs

Easy to use
set it and forget it

All natural, plant-based
Pod cleans and brightens oil

Keeps your food light,
crisp and delicious


The FreshFry Pod  is a safe and easier way to replenish and extend your frying oil life. The Pod works overnight by capturing and removing the impurities that make your oil look dark, smoke and taste bitter. At FreshFry, we strive to make complexity of filtering oil systems simple. The Pod exists to make your cooking oil cleaner, brighter, and replenished so you can focus on your food.

We only use natural ingredients and include plant based components to make the Pod. From the fabric we choose, how we craft to the ingredients, we believe that natural is better.

Better for the environment, for you and for your food.


Step 1 - Remove Pod from package

*If possible, filter for crumbs first


Step 3 - Let the Pod work overnight

*Fully immerse Pod in oil for best results


Step 2 - Place Pod in fryer basket

*Oil is preferably hot and fryer is off


Step 4 - Toss the Pod 

* Biodegradable and safe for the trash


Works with every fryer to save money on oil and labor costs

Intuitive design which is safer and easier to use

All natural, plant-based Pod cleans and brightens oil

Food Integrity - keeps your food crisp and delicious




Hattie B's is an amazing Nashville Hot Chicken restaurant that serves mild to very spicy fried chicken (not kidding, its HOT), Southern sides & local brews in a casual, counter-service eatery. They are growing to 6 locations with a catering arm as well. With Hot Chicken, its all about flavor and spice. FreshFry is proud to help keep their chicken true to taste while lowering frying operations costs.

“Before using the FreshFry Pods we changed our way too often. Now we use the Pods after every game and our frying oil lasts...”
Martin - General Manager (Centerplate)
“We have over 30 fryers and the FreshFry Pod works in all of them. Before FreshFry, we used our oil filtering service twice a month...”
Adam - Concessions Manager (Centerplate)
"I personally have worked in the restaurant industry for over 10 years and have never encountered a product like this..."
Jake - Kitchen Manager
“We used to change the oil twice a week but now we only change it once a week without having to filter.”
Dallas - Owner & Chef


  • How often should I use a Pod?
    • You should use 1 Pod per fryer on a daily basis for the best results.
      Place it in your fryer basket (for easy retrieval and draining) and drop it in the oil. 
  • What if I use a really big fryer?
    • The Pod is designed for a 70 pound fryer (2 cases of oil).
      If your fryer is bigger, then consider using 2 Pods at a time. 
  • Are the Pods reusable?
    • Each Pod is one-time use and then can be safely throw in the trash. 
  • How does it work?
    • The Pod acts as a magnet, attracting dissolved impurities that build up in your oil.
      When these impurities are removed on a regular basis, the end result is higher quality oil that lasts longer.
  • I don't have a filter system. Can I still benefit from FreshFry Pods?
    • Yes! The Pods are self-contained and help to mitigate the effect of crumb buildup. 
  • How do I open the Pod?
    • Never open the Pod! Just place the entire Pod in the fryer basket right after turning it off for the night and let it soak. 
  • How should the Pod be stored?
    • Keep your Pods dry and away from any chemicals.
    • Can I use it while cooking?
      • We don't recommend it.
        The Pod is perfectly safe around food, but if the Pod is used while cooking it will lessen the effect on your oil as a whole. 
    • Ok, what's this thing made of?
      • The Pod is made up of proprietary mix of plant-based materials.
        The formula is food-safe and sustainable, so rest easy knowing that FreshFry keeps food integrity #1. 



    Jeremiah Chapman - Founder & CEO

    Jeremiah’s passion for great tasting food and the people that cook it provided the motivation to create the FreshFry Pod.  His expertise includes nanotechnology, adsorption and chemical manufacturing.  Jeremiah was recognized by Forbes Magazine's 30 Under 30 in 2015 for modernizing the way things are made in a greener, tech-savvy world.  He holds a BS and Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Louisville Speed School, graduating cum laude.


    Jacob Huff - Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

    He specializes in process development, continuous improvement, manufacturing, and computer-aided design. Jacob has led margin expansion, innovation, new product development, and advanced machining facilities. Jacob was named a Forty Under 40 honoree by Louisville Business First in 2017.  He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Louisville Speed School, graduating magna cum laude.

    website pic.png


    Sam Tunget - User Experience & Design

    His focus is on creative content, customer service, and outreach. He has more than 6 years of experience in the shipping and logistics industry. He holds a BS in Exercise Science and a BFA in Drawing from the University of Louisville, graduating cum laude.



    Ben Yates - Sales & Onboarding

    A 12 year veteran of the restaurant industry, Ben joined the FreshFry team in February of 2017 to assist on all things sales & marketing related. Ben brings a unique perspective to our team through his experience within the food and beverage industry. Contact Ben to learn more about FreshFry and how we can help you save money on oil and enhance the quality of your products!


    Brian Scantland is EVP and Chief Strategy Officer.  He has 20 years’ experience focused on Margin Improvement, Product Development, Operations Excellence, and Supply Chain for brands including Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, 7-Eleven, and most recently Vice President Strategic Planning and Performance Improvement with Long John Silver's.  Brian holds a BA from the University of Louisville, an MBA with concentration in Supply Chain from Arizona State University (ranked #3 in Supply Chain by US News World Report), and post-graduate work in Organizational Change at Stanford Graduate School of Business. 




    Doe-Anderson Offers Marketing Expertise to Louisville Start-up FreshFry

    February 20, 2017

    As a part of the pilot RevIt Marketing program, created by Greater Louisville Inc. and Nucleus and housed at iHub, Doe-Anderson offered expertise and strategic insights to FreshFry,  which developed the FreshFry Pod to remove impurities and extend the life of frying oil for restaurants. The company is a LaunchIt graduate, Vogt Award winner, an EnterpriseCorp “HOT” company.

    The three-hour session paired high-growth potential startups with marketing mentors to offer targeted advice. Mentors from Doe-Anderson included: Laura Proctor, Melanie Whitham, Beemal Patel and Monica Edwards.


    The Closing Bell: FreshFry ramps up for growth

    November 4, 2016

    FreshFry is ramping up for growth.

    What started with a single table and grandma’s sewing machine has morphed into a business that takes up thousands of square feet at 110 Central Ave., a warehouse space that it shares with Louisville-based dental supplies and lab equipment maker Whip Mix. There FreshFry makes its pods, which restaurants can use to keep the oil in their fryers clean and free of impurities.

    “It’s getting everything out of there to make your food shine,” said Jeremiah Chapman, co-founder and CEO of FreshFry.

    The Louisville manufacturing startup just started distributing its product through Louisville-based food wholesaler Creation Gardens, and the company is testing its product in various places around the United States and in Europe, including restaurants whose parent companies record billions in revenue annually, according to FreshFry.

    This year, FreshFry has expanded its production capacity 25,000 percent (that is not a typo). Although it doesn’t run at full capacity, “we are talking to people who can fill that up in a snap,” Chapman said.


    Announcing: 2016 Business of the Year finalists

    October 20, 2016

    Since 2005, this program has recognized local businesses that have had standout years. This year, we will honor 21 companies and nonprofits in six categories.The process began with our readers, who nominated worthy businesses and organizations. From there, Business First editors narrowed the list of finalists and sent those names to a panel of outside judges, who will determine winners in each category.

    FreshFry was a finalist in the Emerging Companies category. Click below to hear more.


    FreshFry entrepreneurs say Louisville is the best place for their budding company

    January 26, 2016

    FreshFry may be a company in its infancy with many things still to learn, but co-founders Jeremiah Chapman and Jacob Huff already know for sure that they never want to move their enterprise from Louisville.
    The company, which was founded in 2014 and started delivering product to customers last year, was born from the mind of Chapman and incubated through many nights at the dinner table in the apartment he shared with Huff while the two were battling through the strenuous program at the University of Louisville’s JB Speed School of Engineering. It seems only fitting that a product designed to make food preparation more efficient saw its development over the dinner plate.
    FreshFry’s innovation, a pod that helps to extend the life of frying oil by extracting impurities generated through the frying process, came from Chapman’s undergraduate interest in biodiesel and some allies in the campus dining halls.


    Louisville grad gets 'under 30' Forbes honor

    January 11, 2015

    Chapman was among Forbes Magazine's 30 Under 30, a celebration of millennials who are out to change the world with innovations, energy and persistence.

    In all, the 2015 honorees showcase 600 men and women under 30 years old from American manufacturing, the arts, music, consumer tech, education, healthcare, finance and marketing, among other categories.

    "Those who grew up in the tech age see things differently. Their ambitions are way bigger — and perfectly suited to the dynamic, entrepreneurial and impatient digital world they grew up in," Forbes editors wrote of their fourth annual class.



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