• How often should I use a Pod?
    • You should use 1 Pod per fryer on a daily basis for the best results.
      Place it in your fryer basket (for easy retrieval and draining) and drop it in the oil. 
  • What if I use a really big fryer?
    • The Pod is designed for a 70 pound fryer (2 cases of oil).
      If your fryer is bigger, then consider using 2 Pods at a time. 
  • Are the Pods reusable?
    • Each Pod is one-time use and then can be safely throw in the trash. 
  • How does it work?
    • The Pod acts as a magnet, attracting dissolved impurities that build up in your oil.
      When these impurities are removed on a regular basis, the end result is higher quality oil that lasts longer.
  • I don't have a filter system. Can I still benefit from FreshFry Pods?
    • Yes! The Pods are self-contained and help to mitigate the effect of crumb buildup. 
  • How do I open the Pod?
    • Never open the Pod! Just place the entire Pod in the fryer basket right after turning it off for the night and let it soak. 
  • How should the Pod be stored?
    • Keep your Pods dry and away from any chemicals.
    • Can I use it while cooking?
      • We don't recommend it.
        The Pod is perfectly safe around food, but if the Pod is used while cooking it will lessen the effect on your oil as a whole. 
    • Ok, what's this thing made of?
      • The Pod is made up of proprietary mix of plant-based materials.
        The formula is food-safe and sustainable, so rest easy knowing that FreshFry keeps food integrity #1.