The FreshFry Pod  is a safe and easier way to replenish and extend your frying oil life.  The Pod works overnight by capturing and removing the impurities that make your oil look dark, smoke and taste bitter. At FreshFry, we strive to make complexity of filtering oil systems simple. The Pod exists to make your cooking oil cleaner, brighter, and replenished so you can focus on your food.

We only use natural ingredients and include plant based components to make the Pod. From the fabric we choose, how we craft to the ingredients, we believe that natural is better.

Better for the environment, for you and for your food.

Step 1 - Remove Pod from package

*If possible, filter for crumbs first


Step 3 - Let the Pod work overnight

*Fully immerse Pod in oil for best results

Step 2 - Place Pod in fryer basket

*Oil is preferably hot and fryer is off


Step 4 - Toss the Pod 

* Biodegradable and safe for the trash

Works with every fryer to save money on oil and labor costs

Intuitive design which is safer and easier to use

All natural, plant-based Pod cleans and brightens oil

Food Integrity - keeps your food crisp and delicious