The FreshFry Pod replenishes and extends the life of your frying oil.  The Pod captures and removes dissolved impurities in a safe and easy to use manner; making your cooking oil cleaner, brighter, and replenished.

The FreshFry Pod is sustainably sourced and doesn't introduce chemicals into your oil. Your food will taste natural and fresh.

The FreshFry Pod is easy and simple to use.  A happier restaurant team makes superior oil management achievable and safe.  


Step 1 - Remove Pod from Package

Step 3 - Let it Soak Overnight

Step 2 - Place Pod in Fryer Basket

Step 4 - Throw Pod Away

Saves on oil and
filtering costs

Easy to use
Set it and forget it

All natural, plant-based Pod cleans and brightens oil

Food Integrity - keeps your food crisp and delicious