What do customers think about FreshFry?

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Hot Hattie B’s Chicken

Hattie B’s is an amazing Nashville Hot Chicken restaurant that serves mild to very spicy fried chicken (not kidding, it’s HOT). Hattie B’s, with their southern sides & local brews in a casual, counter-service eatery with a catering arm, are growing to 6 locations. FreshFry is proud to help keep their chicken true to taste while lowering frying operations costs.

Cardinal Stadium

“Before using the FreshFry Pods we changed our oil way too often. Now we use the Pods after every game and our frying oil lasts 300% longer. FreshFry has saved us over $2,000 the last two football seasons by reducing the number of 3rd party filtering visits and extending oil life.”

Martin - General Manager (Centerplate)

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KFC Yum! Center

“We have over 30 fryers and the FreshFry Pod works in all of them. Before FreshFry, we used our oil filtering service twice a month to filter and replace oil. By using the Pods after every event, our oil looks clean and clear for longer. The Pods boosted our oil life by 180%. Now the oil filtering service comes less often and our fryers are easier for them to clean. During peak season, FreshFry saves us over $1,000 a month. Food quality is one of our core concentrations at the Yum! Center and by using the pods our fried items are showing a consistent quality even at the end of the oils life span”

Adam - Concessions Manager (Centerplate)

Home Run Burgers & Fries

 "Simply put, the oil lasts longer which means we save money. The backs of our fryers are staying very, very clean. There is an exceptional difference on our blanching fryer, which is important in our open kitchen setting. We no longer have to daily filter which means we save on labor cost. And no filtering means LESS MESS and no more tracking oil all over restaurant.  No more filter powder expense or the mess when it gets spilled. And we don’t have to worry about the frustration of accidentally using boil out products instead of powders that causes us to replace the oil. We went from 7 days of oil life with machine filtering to 11 days with only the Pods."

Kathy - Owner

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Wallace Station Deli

"We were able to reduce our oil use by 3 jugs per week from what we normally did, it's made a big difference."

 Brandon - Head Chef

Lyles BBQ

"Before using the Fresh Fry Pods, we needed to change our fryer oil multiple times a week to mitigate the ‘stale oil’ taste. Now after using the FreshFry Pods in our fryers every night; our oil only needs changed once a week and there's no after taste to our fried foods. I personally have worked in the restaurant industry for over 10 years and have never encountered a product like this. If you're looking to save time, money, or most importantly increase your food quality; then the FreshFry Pods are for you."

Jake - Kitchen Manager

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The Fat Lamb

"The Pods are fantastic. We used to change the oil twice a week but now we only change it once a week without having to filter."

Dallas - Owner & Chef

Dean’s Mediterranean Imports

 "Fresh Fry has saved us tremendous amounts of money on fryer oil. I love this product!"

Kate - Owner

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