“Before using the FreshFry Pods we changed our way too often. Now we use the Pods after every game and our frying oil lasts...”
Martin - General Manager (Centerplate)
“We have over 30 fryers and the FreshFry Pod works in all of them. Before FreshFry, we used our oil filtering service twice a month...”
Adam - Concessions Manager (Centerplate)
"I personally have worked in the restaurant industry for over 10 years and have never encountered a product like this..."
Jake - Kitchen Manager
“We used to change the oil twice a week but now we only change it once a week without having to filter.”
Dallas - Owner & Chef
“We were able to reduce our oil use by 3 jugs per week from what we normally did...”
Brandon - Head Chef
“...We went from 7 days of oil life with machine filtering to 11 days with just the Pods.”
Kathy - Owner